“Modern machinery based on Korean technology and high quality materials are imported from countries such as Korea, Japan and Finland”

With the goal to bring the best products (First & Best), we made a joint venture with a Korean partner to set up FnB Joint Venture Company in 2000 to provide consumers with high quality paper products. Environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future. With enthusiasm for the Vietnamese market, our company wishes to contribute to the development of the Vietnamese economy.

Over time, in addition to building the FnB brand with premium paper cups, in 2010, the company converted from a joint venture to a limited liability company and officially changed its name to Limited Liability Company FnB. At the same time, we have developed a new brand name, PK, with the expectation of closer access to the Vietnamese market. At present, our company is the main partner of leading distributors in Vietnam such as Metro Cash & Carrier, Big C, Lotte and Co.op Mart. In addition, we also help our clients to promote our brand through our under-branded products such as Monte rosa, Vina café, Nguyen Kim.

Our products are widely distributed by channels like agencies, companies, hospitals and schools. Therefore, let our company help you expand your brand!